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OC Streets Among Best in the State

Orange County has some of the best streets in the state thanks to OC Go, Orange County’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements.

Since 2011, more than $1 billion tax dollars have been invested locally in streets and roads as part of promises made through OC Go, OCTA’s Transportation Investment Plan funded by a local half-cent sales tax. These well-maintained and improved thoroughfares contribute to the safety, quality of life and smooth, efficient travel for all who drive, cycle, walk, vanpool, or take OC Bus.

Nearly one third, or 32 percent, of OC Go is dedicated to improving Orange County’s 6,500 miles of roadways. OCTA works with all 34 cities and the County of Orange to preserve pavement, coordinate traffic signals, and improve busy streets and intersections.

To learn more and view some of the projects that improve life in Orange County every day, visit here.