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Civil Engineering Society Selects 405 Improvement Project for Top Award

Every year, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Orange County recognizes civil engineering projects and professionals for their achievements.

Recently, OCTA’s 405 Improvement Project was chosen as the group’s Project of the Year.

The $2.16 billion I-405 Improvement Project is one of the largest design-build

infrastructure freeway projects in the United States, along one of the busiest and most congested freeway segments in the country. The project improves 16 miles of I-405 in Orange County from SR-73 to I-605, crossing six corridor cities. The project aims to reduce travel times for the 509,000 travelers projected to traverse this segment per day by 2040. The goal of the project is to reduce congestion, enhance operations, increase mobility, improve trip reliability, maximize throughput, and optimize operations while minimizing environmental impacts and right-of-way acquisitions.

For more information about the project, visit here.