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I-5 Bridge Expands Active Transportation Accessibility in South County

In June,  the Los Alisos Boulevard bridge fully opened to traffic as part of the South County I-5 Improvements Project.  

The improved Los Alisos bridge will provide much greater accessibility to active transportation modes by expanding both the sidewalks and bike lanes.   

The bridge was constructed and built in a two-stage process, allowing for two-way, single-lane bike, pedestrian and car access during construction.

Its opening marks an important milestone in the progress of the I-5 Improvement project.  

The $644 million, 6.5-mile freeway widening project is being built in three distinct segments, with each segment spanning approximately two miles. Construction began in mid-2019 and is expected to be completed in early 2025.  Improvements include the widening of the freeway in both northbound and southbound lanes, extending the second carpool lane from Alicia Parkway to El Toro Road in both directions, converting the carpool lanes to continuous access, widening the Los Alisos bridge and modifying on- and off-ramps at Alicia Parkway and El Toro Road. 

Find out more about the project here.