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Welcome Spring in Orange County with These Apps

Get more out of your walking and biking adventures by installing these apps on your smartphone:

· Connect with OC Bus or Metrolink using the real-time Transit App to receive schedule information. Both buses and trains accommodate bikes.

· Bird watching is a fun, free way to enjoy the outdoors. Cornell LAB has an app for bird identification that you can download here.

· There is always something blooming in Southern California. Use your camera to identify plants with the app Plant Snap.

· Track your walking and biking activities and share them with your friends on Strava. It’s a great resource for seeing where you walked/rode and where other people are walking and riding. Download the free Strava app here.

· For bike-friendly trails near Metrolink stations, download the AllTrails app.

Enjoy your journey and travel safely. Visit the OCTA website for pedestrian and cycling safety tips.