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Vanpools Can Reduce the Cost of Parking

More employees are headed back to the office, taking their cars with them.

For employers, this can result in additional infrastructure costs for parking. However, there is a solution. One vanpool can remove between 3 and 14 cars from a single parking lot, according to estimates.

Vanpools are month-to-month "super carpools" consisting of groups of riders with common schedules and similar work and home destinations. OCTA’s OC Vanpool program provides subsidies for Orange County worksites and is best for those who commute 30+ roundtrip miles daily.

Vanpools operate on a month-to-month basis with a turn-key service that includes the vehicle, insurance, maintenance, and customer service from three OCTA contracted providers. 

In addition, OC Vanpool saves commuters time and money, increasing job satisfaction and potentially making returning to the office more palatable.

Find out more about the OC Vanpool program here.