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Travel Safely with Tips from Metrolink

This article originally appeared in Metrolink Matters

Safety is always a priority for Metrolink. Exercising extra caution when commuting is always important. Please keep the following rules and safety tips in mind when traveling by Metrolink:

Arrive Early. You shouldn't run to catch your train, so give yourself an extra few minutes before your scheduled departure time.

Use Technology to Track Train Updates. Metrolink uses Twitter and Facebook to provide real-time information about service delays and status updates, thus taking the guesswork out of commuting.

Be Cautious on the Platform. Rain, and sometimes even ice and snow can make platforms slippery. Avoid running and always look where you’re going to avoid hazardous situations.

Pay Attention to Onboard Announcements. Listen for alerts to upcoming station stops and any service changes. Make sure you listen for any important information.

Hold the Handrails. All passengers should hold the handrails to go up or down the stairs to prevent falls, collisions, or mishaps with other passengers.

Look Both Ways. Use caution when walking through parking lots. Use the marked crosswalk where provided. Park your vehicle in well-lit areas.