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Teen Council to Provide Insights on Orange County Transportation

Two dozen local teens are stepping up to have a say in the future of Orange County transportation.

At a recent kickoff meeting, the teens learned about Orange County’s current and future transportation projects and services and participated in a roundtable discussion. It’s the first time the Teen Council has met since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The work of the Teen Council is so important, both for the young people who are able to get valuable insights about OCTA’s transportation programs and services and for us to get their perspectives,” said OCTA Chairman Gene Hernandez, also the mayor of Yorba Linda. “It’s great to see so many teens investing time and energy to help improve Orange County’s transportation network.”

The 24 members of the 2023-24 Teen Council from high schools throughout Orange County and represent a wide variety of demographics and perspectives.

First formed in 2015, Teen Council allows young and diverse members of the community, ages 13 to 18, the opportunity to provide valuable insight on transportation programs that could most benefit the public. Students will participate in OCTA outreach events and contribute ideas to future marketing campaigns, improving their understanding of transportation issues, strengthening their skills and expanding their peer networks. For more information, visit here.