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Signal Synchronization Program Helps Keep OC Moving

Since 2008, OCTA has worked with cities and the county to successfully implement new traffic signal synchronization timing along 89 corridors. Through Measure M, also known as OC Go, OCTA awards competitive grants annually to projects dedicated to the synchronization of traffic signals. The projects improve travel times, reduce delays and congestion, and increase the number of successive green lights drivers see during their daily commutes.

The completed projects provide these benefits:

  • Reduce average travel time by 13 percent and the average number of stops by 29 percent
  • Increase average speed by 14 percent
  • Save drivers approximately $178.4 million on fuel costs
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 919 million pounds over a three-year period

OCTA is currently funding an additional 31 signal synchronization projects, totaling $55.7 million. Once completed, these projects will synchronize an additional 1,200 signals along 316 miles of road.