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Setting Wheels in Motion on Longer-Term Rail Stabilization Efforts

To protect the vital coastal rail line through south Orange County, OCTA released a request for proposals to analyze the issues threatening track stability and guide future planning efforts to find effective solutions.

“While the priority has been to complete the emergency work as soon as possible, we are also moving forward quickly with our partners to find longer-term solutions,” said OCTA Chairman Gene Hernandez, also the Mayor of Yorba Linda. “This is just the beginning of an effort that will help us ensure that rail traffic can continue moving safely and efficiently through this corridor for passengers, commerce and our military interests.”

This planning study is expected to take approximately two years, assessing existing and future risks and identifying challenges to the maintenance and operations of rail service along the coastal rail line through Orange County.

The study will involve key stakeholders and technical experts. Collaboration with local, state and federal partners will be more firmly established throughout this planning process. The study is estimated to cost $2 million, with grant funding already identified. It will provide the framework for future efforts to mitigate the risk to track stability.

This study is the first step of a phased approach to examine short- to medium-term solutions that would protect the existing rail line. A separate second-phase study would look at longer-term options including potential relocation of the rail line.

The second-phase study is estimated to cost $5 million, and OCTA is currently seeking external funding. If this funding is secured, the studies would move forward concurrently.

Meanwhile, OCTA is continuing the emergency work along 700 feet of rail line in south San Clemente.