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Safety Tips Are the Perfect Accessories for New Bike Owners

Please share these with your kids and check out our safety tips for adults here

Youth Bike Safety Tips

  • Wear a helmet. Every time you ride.
    In California, kids under 18 must wear a helmet. That’s because your brain is fragile and can be damaged easily.
  • Take care of your bike.
    And it will help take care of you. Check your brakes, tires and chains and make sure your bike will respond properly so you can avoid danger.
  • Help others see you.
    That means bright clothing on you, rear reflectors and head lamps on your bike. California law specifies the type of lights and reflectors required.
  • Avoid riding at dusk or at night.
    Daytime riding is much safer. It’s harder for cars to see you at night and harder for you to see, too.
  • No headphones. No cell phones.
    Be alert and focus on riding, not on your favorite tune or your BFF’s latest news. You’ll be able to see and hear warnings that will increase your safety.
  • Don’t carry passengers on your bike.
    Unless you have a tandem bike, one bike seat means one rider.
  • Be courteous on the sidewalk.
    Before you ride on the sidewalk, find out if it’s OK in your town. Be careful of the walkers. Don’t ride too fast or too close. Watch for cars coming in and out of driveways.
  • Obey traffic rules.
    When you’re on your bike, you’re on a vehicle. Just like a car, you need to stop at stop signs and traffic lights.
  • Learn hand signals.
    Smart cyclists use hand signals to let others know where they’re going.