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Remote Work in Orange County Has Doubled Since Pandemic, Says Survey

Remote work is part of the “new normal” in Orange County, according to a recent OCTA survey that measures how the COVID-19 pandemic has altered public attitudes, working arrangements, travel behaviors and transit mode decisions.   

Reflecting findings from September 2022, the survey is part of a series begun in July 2020 and continued in September 2021.

According to the most recent survey, the percentage working from home one or more days per week settled in at 43 percent by September 2022, 20 points higher than February’s measurement of 23 percent. The average number of work-from-home days in September 2022 (1.49) is double pre-pandemic levels (0.76).

Following the pandemic’s dramatic impact on employment, working arrangements, and travel behavior in Orange County in early months, travel and activity patterns stabilized between August 2021 and 22, with the exception of commute driving. The percentage of employees driving alone to work increased from 60 percent in September 2021 to 69 percent in September 2022, and this is expected to remain constant through 2023.

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