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Rail Service Resumes through San Clemente

The rail line through San Clemente reopened for passenger rail service on Monday, July 17, following the completion of emergency work to build a temporary barrier wall to protect the track.

Several partners worked together to build the temporary barrier wall below the Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens to safely re-establish service on the track, including Metrolink, which operates regional passenger rail service, and its contractors; the LOSSAN Rail Corridor Agency, which operates the popular Amtrak Pacific Surfliner service; and OCTA, which owns the track through Orange County.

The dimensions of the barrier wall are 250 feet long and 12 feet high, with the piles set 32 feet beneath the ground.

Metrolink and OCTA worked in partnership to build the temporary barrier wall on an emergency basis to protect the tracks, so passenger service could safely resume as soon as possible. The city of San Clemente continues work to stabilize the hillside for the long term.