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Promoting Metrolink Contributes to Success of San Clemente Event

Throughout the year, OCTA showcases special events near Metrolink stations and offers opportunities to win free tickets to raise awareness and encourage Orange County residents and visitors to take the train.

OCTA’s recent promotion of the 68th Annual Fiesta Music Festival in San Clemente also benefited the local economy.

The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce said this in its letter of thanks to OCTA:

Our team would like to acknowledge your tremendous contribution in allowing this event to reach new heights. In addition to a significant increase in overall sales, we are pleased to share that this year’s festival resulted in $10,000 in beverage booth tip money, which the Chamber will donate directly to charity.

The promotion was a success on all levels. Brea resident Gregg Halligan, winner of two free tickets, and his wife took Metrolink to San Clemente for the day and commented. “What a beautiful way to end summer.”