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Pedestrian Safety Is a Year-round Concern

With its temperate weather and abundant parks and recreation areas, Orange County is a desirable place to walk any time of year. Active transportation, which includes any form of human-powered transportation such as walking, bicycling, e-bicycling, wheelchairs, and other human-powered mobility devices, is an integral part of OCTA’s balanced and sustainable transportation system.

During National Pedestrian Safety Month in October and throughout the year, these safety tips from the California Office of Traffic Safety are valuable reminders of good practices for all travelers:

Safety tips for pedestrians:

• Make yourself visible: wear bright-colored clothes and carry a flashlight when walking at night.
• Avoid dangerous behaviors: always walk on the sidewalk (no jaywalking), stay sober and make eye contact with drivers – don’t assume the driver can see you.
• Stay off your phone. Talking and texting distracts you from paying attention to your surroundings.
• Look before you step: cross streets at marked crosswalks/intersections, obey traffic signals and watch for turning vehicles.
• Look left-right-left before crossing a street.

Safety tips for drivers:

• Don’t speed, follow the speed limit and never use your phone; always be cautious of your surroundings.
• Never drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
• Look out for pedestrians, especially in hard-to-see conditions.
• Pedestrians have the right of way at any crosswalk or intersection, so yield and be prepared to stop.
• Stop at the crosswalk stop line to give drivers in other lanes an opportunity to see and yield to pedestrians, too.
• Be cautious when backing up – pedestrians, especially young children, can move across your path.
• Visually sweep the entire intersection before turning to increase awareness of pedestrians.

Also, be especially vigilant during the darker evening hours when Daylight Saving Time begins November 5.

For more information about pedestrian safety, visit here