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OCTA Will Use SB 1 Funds for Transit Security and Operations Center

OCTA will use SB 1 State of Good Repair Program funding to construct the agency’s new Transit Security and Operations Center, which is currently in the design phase.  

The State of Good Repair Program is a transit capital program funded by the SB 1 Transportation Improvement Fee that is funded through vehicle registrations. The specific goal of the program is to rehabilitate and upgrade existing local transit systems, equipment and facilities. 

OCTA is expected to receive $6.4 million in State of Good Repair funding for fiscal year 2021-22. This will partially fund the construction of the new Transit Security and Operations Center, which will house OCTA’s central communications, field operations, Security and Emergency Preparedness, Transit Police Services and more. Learn more about the center here.

Overall, it is estimated that the Transportation Improvement Fee will provide $117.5 million to transit agencies statewide for fiscal year 2021-22. After the projects are approved, funds will be released to transit agencies on a quarterly basis, beginning in November.