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OCTA to Offer Telework Webinar

Teleworking has become an expected and in-demand working arrangement in Orange County and across the nation. But how do companies do it successfully? At the Telework Assistance Program Webinar on February 16, OCTA will describe its new program that offers customized employer training on telework programs.

The webinar is part of OCTA’s ongoing educational program for employee transportation coordinators (ETCs) from Orange County businesses to promote activities that help take cars off the road to reduce traffic and pollution. Members of the public are also welcome to attend the webinar from 11 to noon on February 16.

Telework aligns with OCTA’s mission to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

In addition, OCTA recently launched a telework website with extensive resources for both employers and employees. The revamped site features a variety of articles, books, webinars and videos. Visit the site here.

For more information about the telework webinar and telework resources, contact Kristopher Hewkin, senior marketing specialist, at khewkin@octa.net.