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OCTA Provides Telework Research and Resources

Earlier this month, those who work from home were recognized during Telecommuter Appreciation Week.

The first Telecommuter Appreciation Week occurred in 1993, sponsored by the American Telecommuting Association in Washington DC. Since then, the concept of telecommuting has grown to be a worldwide practice. The United States leads the world in the number of people telecommuting. (Source: National Day Calendar)

Since the pandemic, many organizations have made telecommuting, or teleworking, an option either full or part time.

Because telework affects public transportation use and aligns with OCTA’s mission to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, OCTA provides research and resources for Orange County employers and employees.

Remote work is part of the “new normal” in Orange County, according to a recent OCTA survey that measures how the COVID-19 pandemic has altered public attitudes, working arrangements, travel behaviors and transit mode decisions.

OCTA’s telework website provides extensive resources and features a variety of articles, books, webinars and videos.