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OC Employment and Travel Trends Spotlighted in Survey

Remote work remains popular in Orange County, according to a recent OCTA survey that measures how the COVID-19 pandemic has altered public attitudes, working arrangements, travel behaviors and transit modes decisions.   

The survey was conducted in September and was a follow-up to a similar survey conducted in July 2020.  

Although the remote work tide has receded somewhat with vaccines and modified guidelines, it is expected to remain well above pre-pandemic levels. The percentage of employees working from home one or more days per week (48 percent) is well above pre-pandemic levels (23 percent) and is expected to remain above pre-pandemic levels even after the pandemic is over (44 percent).  

Employees generally find remote work to be beneficial to their work experience and work-life balance.

The percentage of employees driving alone to work increased to 60 percent of pre-pandemic levels and is expected to reach 69 percent once the pandemic is over (10 percent below pre-pandemic levels).  Respondents expect to drive alone in a vehicle less often after the pandemic. Respondents also indicated their transit usage is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels once the pandemic is over.

To help Orange County employers and employees evaluate remote work, also known as telework, next year OCTA will begin reaching out to assist individual businesses in implementing successful telework programs. Check out OCTA’s telework resources here.