Octa's transportation blog

Moving Forward with Active Transportation

As the regional coordinator of active transportation efforts in Orange County, OCTA provides information and programs that help residents stay active by walking and cycling in support of a multimodal transportation system.

Here are some efforts underway to help schools, cyclists and others enjoy more mobility throughout the county.

OCTA participates in STEP (Safe Transportation Education Program) and provides select schools in Orange County with free resources, activities, and events to encourage families to walk and roll to school safely and more often. The Step Campaign has enrolled 23 schools to participate and wrapped up delivering Safe Routes to School education and encouragement activities for the school year.  Activities will resume in the fall as well as recruitment for the final two schools.

The Cyclic Bicycle Counts project will continue in the fall collecting bicycle counts around the county. This project collects data for grants, evaluates existing facilities, and informs decision making about where to locate facilities in the future. 

The Bike Gap Closure Study is continuing with community outreach and is developing recommendations. The team will hold the second webinar this coming fall.

Development is underway for e-bike safety materials including videos, print materials, a social media campaign, and webpage updates.