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Metrolink’s Tips for Rainy Day Travel

If El Niño rainfall predications are correct, this will continue to be a rainy winter. Please keep the following safety tips in mind when traveling by Metrolink:

• Allow plenty of time to meet your train. When driving to the train station, exercise special caution on the wet roads and allow a few extra minutes to arrive early.

• Be aware of fellow commuters walking to and from their vehicles on the surrounding roads and in the parking lots.

• Walk carefully on and near the station platform, watching for puddles.

• Use your mobile device to track train service and any status updates via Metrolink’s Facebook and Twitter.

• Use caution when stepping onto a train. Water dripping from clothes and umbrellas may make station platforms and train floors wet.

• Use at least three points of contact when moving through train cars and as the train comes to a stop. (Two feet, one hand or two hands and one foot.)

• Always hold the handrail. Use caution and avoid looking down at handheld devices when climbing or descending stairs.

Have a safe trip. If you need any assistance onboard or at the station, please notify the conductor, a police officer or a security guard.