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Good News about Cycling in Orange County

OCTA is fully committed to consistently ensuring biking is safe for individuals of all skill levels and has positive news to share about biking in Orange County.

First, The League of American Bicyclists has redesignated Orange County as a Bicycle Friendly Community. The honor is presented only to communities with strong commitments to bicycling.

A Bicycle Friendly Community welcomes bicyclists by providing safe accommodations for bicycling and encouraging people to bike for transportation and recreation. Making bicycling safe and convenient are keys to improving public health, reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality and improving quality of life.

The certification process took a number of factors into account including consultations with local cyclists and bike advocates. For more information, click here.

Second, local elementary schools may be eligible for bike and pedestrian safety education through a partnership with OCTA and the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA). Activities focusing on safe walking and biking will be delivered at selected elementary schools. For more information, please click here.