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Celebrate the Environment on California Clean Air Day

The California Clean Air Day goal is to spread the message throughout California about air pollution and how it directly impacts the health of all Californians.

This year, California Clean Air Day is on October 6. Consider leaving your car home that day and trying an alternate form of transportation such as OC Bus, OC Metrolink, OC Flex, OC Rideshare or OC Vanpool or avoid commuting altogether and telework from home. Doing so can help reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas. As part of its commitment to the environment, OCTA has pledged to support California Clean Air Day.

Clean air is priority for OCTA. For example, the OC Bus fleet runs on clean, renewable energy now and is headed toward a 100 percent zero-emission future to bring even cleaner air quality to Orange County. With OC Flex, OCTA led the nationwide microtransit trend to help remove cars from the road and reduce air pollution. OCTA’s innovate Community College Pass Program removes cars from roads, reduces congestion and provides an equitable transportation solution.

These are just a few of the ways OCTA maintains a culture of sustainability to safeguard the air, land, water and community. Learn more about OCTA environmental sustainability efforts and accomplishments here.