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In Honor of Earth Month: Making Sense of Green Benefits

OCTA works to take cars off the road and reduce harmful emissions for a greener, healthier Orange County in many ways.

One example is the OC Vanpool Program. Vanpools are month-to-month “super carpools” comprising groups of riders with common schedules and similar work and home destinations. Subsidized in part by OCTA, OC Vanpool applies to worksites within Orange County and is best for those who commute 30+ roundtrip miles daily.

Last year, OC Vanpool reduced vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and harmful emissions by significant amounts.

In honor of Earth Month, here is a look at how those numbers translate into relatable terms:

  • Reduced VMT by 9,870,303.61 miles (equivalent to approximately 20.66 roundtrips from earth to the moon)
  • Reduced fuel consumption by 332,064.98 gallons (equivalent to the annual energy use of roughly 1,044 average U.S. homes)
  • Reduced GHG emissions by 7,762,107.63 pounds or 3,881.05 tons (equivalent to the load of 324 garbage trucks)

Learn more about OC Vanpool here.