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Bus Engine Replacements to Reduce Emissions

OCTA continues to move toward a sustainable future by using replacement engines certified as near-zero-emissions by the California Air Resources Board.

OCTA operates a fleet of 173 compressed natural gas-powered buses, model year 2016, that are due for midlife overhaul maintenance, which includes engine replacement. The replacement engines have been certified by the California Air Resources Board as a near-zero-emission engine, which will further decrease the emissions profile of the entire bus fleet.

In addition, OCTA is moving toward a zero-emission bus fleet with a pilot program that will test both hydrogen fuel-cell buses and plug-in battery-electric buses to see which performs best in Orange County.

The effort aligns with California’s Innovative Clean Transit Rule, a first-of-its kind regulation in the U.S. that sets a goal for public transit agencies to gradually transition to 100 percent zero-emission bus fleets by 2040. The Innovative Clean Transit Rule is part of the state’s comprehensive program helping to achieve California’s air quality and climate goals.