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Updated Plan Continues to Deliver Promised Transportation Improvements

Each year, OCTA updates the Measure M Next 10 Delivery Plan, which outlines how improvements will be delivered to transit, streets, freeways and the environment.

The updated Next 10 Plan incorporates this year’s Measure M forecast. The half-cent sales tax is now expected to generate $15 billion for transportation improvements through 2041, which reflects a $1.8 billion increase from the 2021 forecast. Measure M is also known as OC Go.

Highlights of the plan include:


  • Deliver 13 freeway projects
  • Continue annual endowment deposits

Streets and Roads

  • Return 18% of funding to local agencies for transportation needs
  • Provide annual grants to address street bottlenecks and gaps
  • Fund ongoing coordination of 2,200 traffic signals


  • Continue operation of Metrolink and fund station improvements
  • Complete OC Streetcar construction and begin operations
  • Offer enhanced mobility options for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Continue to support local transit circulators
  • Continue to improve the top 100 busiest transit stops


  • Provide ongoing grants for water cleanup projects