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Traffic Signal Coordination Reduces Emissions & Fuel Consumption

An innovative OCTA program helps the environment while coordinating signals throughout the county to improve the flow of traffic.

The Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program is funded in part by OC Go, also known as Measure M, Orange County’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements, with additional funding from local cities, the county and Caltrans.

Since 2008, OCTA, working with cities and the county, has completed 94 signal synchronization projects. These projects have synchronized 3,265 intersections, improving travel times, reducing congestion, and increasing the number of successive green lights drivers hit during their daily commutes. 

The completed projects have:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 1 billion pounds over three years by reducing the number of stops and the need to accelerate and decelerate vehicles
  • Reduced average travel time by 12 percent and the average number of stops by 28 percent
  • Saved drivers approximately $201 million on fuel costs

OCTA is currently working on an additional 26 signal synchronization projects.