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Synchronized Traffic Signals Reduce Frustration and Harmful Emissions

Stop-and-go traffic can be frustrating, time consuming and bad for air quality. Projects funded by OC Go, Orange County’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements, help synchronize traffic signals across the county to address these issues.

To date, the Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program (RTSSP) has optimized signal timing throughout Orange County on 3,522 signalized intersections along 903 miles of roadway. It also funds the infrastructure that coordinates the traffic signal systems and the communications pathways needed for future data sharing and connections.

As a result of this program, Orange County drivers experience less stop-and-go traffic. This allows them to save money on gas and reduce emissions and greenhouse gases. To date, the program has resulted in:

  • 101 traffic signal synchronization corridor projects implemented
  • 13% average travel time savings
  • 29% reduction in stops
  • 14% average speed improvement

Learn more about signal synchronization here.