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Protecting Waterways from Pollution

During the past few months, record-breaking rainstorms have drenched southern California. Last week, the Orange County Board of Supervisors declared the county a state of emergency due to weather-related events.

As the runoff increases, so does the amount of trash flushed into the ocean and waterways.

For years, OCTA has been taking action to reduce the amount of transportation-related pollutants that flow into these areas.

Funded by OC Go, Orange County’s half cent sales tax for transportation improvements, the Environmental Cleanup Program helps improve overall water quality in Orange County from transportation-generated pollution. Two types of solutions are supported by the program. Tier 1 funds equipment that mitigates the more visible form of pollutants, such as litter and debris that collects on roadways and in storm drains prior to being deposited in waterways and the ocean. Tier 2 funds constructed wetlands, detention/infiltration basins and bioswales, which mitigate pollutants including litter and debris as well as heavy metals, organic chemicals, sediment and nutrients.

Today and tomorrow, OCTA works to protect Orange County’s environment as part of a balanced and sustainable transportation system.