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Planning for the Future of Transportation in Orange County

OCTA is continuing to develop its 2022 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), which creates a vision for Orange County’s transportation system through 2045 while taking into account expected growth in population, housing and employment. 

OCTA updates its LRTP every four years to help meet the county’s evolving transportation needs for the next 20 years and beyond. Once completed, OCTA’s LRTP will serve as input to the regional transportation plan developed by the Southern California Association of Governments.

In developing the LRTP, several scenarios were analyzed. This included looking at what would happen if no transportation investments were made in the next 20 years and the potential impacts once OC Go is allowed to expire. OC Go, also known as Measure M, is the county’s half cent sales tax for transportation improvements.  If OC Go expires in 2041 and no additional funding sources are identified, various transportation programs would be affected, including Metrolink rail service, local street funding, freeway service patrol and community shuttle services.

Through analysis and input from the public, a set of goals was developed to guide the types of transportation strategies that will be considered as part of the long-range plan. These include expanding transit services, enhancing active transportation, eliminating select freeway chokepoints and embracing new technologies.

Strategies to support these goals will be developed and included in the draft LRTP, which is expected to be available for public review in the fall.

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