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On the Way to a Zero-Emission Future

OCTA is continuing its transition to a zero-emission bus fleet and remains committed to complying with the Innovative Clean Transit Rule passed by the California Air Resources Board in 2018, requiring all transit agencies to transition to a zero-emission bus fleet by 2040.

OCTA launched a hydrogen fuel-cell electric bus pilot program in 2020, which includes 10 buses and a hydrogen fueling station located at the Santa Ana bus base. At the same time, OCTA began piloting plug-in battery electric buses in 2022. Testing both types of zero-emission technology is allowing OCTA to determine which type, or mix of types, will work best on Orange County streets.

OCTA has plans to expand the pilot programs by procuring 40 additional fuel-cell electric buses, 10 additional battery-electric buses, and 10 battery-electric vans for paratransit service. The expansion will also require additional infrastructure, including a second hydrogen fueling station, 10 additional battery-electric bus charging stations, and charging stations for the battery-electric vans.