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OCTA Prioritizes Safety All Year

During National Safety Month and throughout the year, safety is OCTA’s top priority.

We continue to follow and share the latest guidance from local, state and federal health experts to promote safety on OC Bus, OC Metrolink, OC Flex and all our public transportation offerings.

For Orange County residents who walk, bike and drive, we provide tips and guidelines to increase and maintain safety in all kinds of conditions throughout the year.

In the workplace, we deliver resources and information on how to report safety concerns and facilitate regular, two-way communication between employees and managers about safety issues.

OCTA employees are evaluated annually for their commitment to customer and community safety in addition to keeping their coworkers safe. Employees are expected to be accountable to one another by ensuring prompt responsiveness towards hazard mitigation and reporting safety concerns.

For this year’s National Safety Month, OCTA highlights driving safety as a critical topic for all employees to think and talk about -- whether commuting to work, operating a bus or traveling on the road for a summer vacation. 

The focus is on building awareness of safe driving practices that help prevent injuries and deaths, including avoiding phone use while driving, driving defensively, properly securing cargo and performing mobility/stretching exercises before driving long distances.