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OCTA Partners with Cities to Promote Businesses near the I-405

OCTA is partnering with the cities of Fountain Valley, Westminster and Huntington Beach and their Chambers of Commerce to launch a free program that highlights and promotes local businesses near the I-1405 Improvement Project.

A pilot program, 405 Forward encourages communities to share their favorite local restaurants, retailers and service providers with their neighbors using the 405 Forward Facebook group. Information about participating businesses will also be shared on

the interactive Google Map, including business hours, specials or discounts and directions.

Benefits to local businesses include:

•Advertising in alerts and flyers

•Social media marketing

•Interactive map highlighting special offers

•Dedicated Facebook group for businesses and residents

•Business highlight on I-405 Improvement Project website

For more information, contact OCTA’s I-405 Improvement Project outreach team at 405project@octa.net or 888.400.8994. Outreach assistance is also available in Spanish and Vietnamese.