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Now Online: The OC Go 2023 Annual Report

Now online, the OC Go 2023 Annual Report encourages readers to “Discover What a Half Cent Buys” and shows how OC Go money was spent in FY 2023.

This comprehensive transportation program, also known as Measure M, provides improvements for freeways, streets, streetcar and rail infrastructure, mobility services, and the environment and is funded by a local transportation half-cent sales tax.

Highlights include:

· Opening the I-405 Improvement Project area to traffic

· Investing to keep OC pavement among the best in the state

· Continuing construction on OC Streetcar

· Helping with mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities

· Providing for Metrolink train service and stabilizing railroad tracks to encourage car-free travel and reliable transport

· Removing 10 million gallons of trash to protect Orange County waterways and the ocean

The colorful, comprehensive report has been translated into Spanish and Vietnamese and shared via print and digital advertising to increase awareness among the people of Orange County. View the report here.