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Improvements Coming to Synchronized Traffic Signal Program

An OCTA program dedicated to coordinating traffic signals throughout the county to improve the flow of traffic is in line for improvements.

OCTA has been working with local cities, the county and Caltrans on a study that evaluates and updates the Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program with current traffic and technology trends in mind to further benefit drivers.

The results of the study indicate that the program has been successful in improving traffic flow, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and saving drivers time and money on fuel costs.

In the first decade since the program launched in 2009, traffic signals at more than 7,750 intersections along 705 miles have been synchronized. These enhancements have improved travel times by 13%, increased speeds by 14% and reduced stops by 29%.

To further improve the program, changes will be made to ensure that all synchronized signals are periodically evaluated to maximize traffic flow. Updates include:

  • Retiming approximately 2,500 traffic signals along major streets to ensure that signal timing is based on current traffic volumes
  • Separating Orange County into zones that will be retimed on a regular basis moving forward

The Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program is funded in part by OC Go, with additional funding from local cities, the county and Caltrans.