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How Riding a Bike Benefits the Environment

Orange County is a bicycle-friendly community with over 1,000 miles of bikeways. In honor of Bike Month, here are a few ways riding a bike benefits the environment:

  • Reduces Pollution

Bikes don't release harmful emissions that pollute the atmosphere or carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change. Just moderate increases in bicycle use each year could save an estimated 6 to 14 million tons of CO2, according to a UCLA publication.

  • Reduces Harmful Chemicals

Cars use antifreeze and other fluids that are bad for the environment. Biking instead of driving reduces their use.

  • Reduces Noise

Swapping bikes for cars makes the outdoors quieter and less stressful for all.

Active transportation, including biking and walking, is a priority for OCTA.

Learn about the different kinds of bikeways in Orange County, download an Orange County bike map, and discover cycling safety tips here.

During Bike Month in May, OCTA promotes the numerous benefits of cycling to inspire more people to embrace this healthy, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable mode of transportation. The OCTA Bike Month webpage includes an opportunity to pledge to win prizes for cycling and information about bike safety and biking with transit.