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Honoring Our Transit Professionals

OCTA coach operators, maintenance and service workers provide safe, reliable transportation for Orange County throughout the year. Though we honor and respect these professionals every day, we celebrate them publicly on March 18, Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day.

On that day, we’re asking our bus riders to thank their coach operators in person and provide a positive comment online for a chance to win a 30-day bus pass.

 These professionals comprise the majority of OCTA’s workforce:

  • Coach operators: 45%
  • Crafts: 7%
  • Technicians: 5%
  • Facility technicians and service workers: 4%.

Read about some of our outstanding employees here.

Why March 18? According to the National Today webpage, March 18 is the day chosen because the first bus line, ‘Carrosses à cinq sols,’ was launched on this day in 1662. This was the first form of public transport in the world and became functional in Paris.