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Honoring Diversity in Orange County

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, a time to recognize and honor diversity and promote deeper understanding and acceptance.

Throughout the year, OCTA embeds diversity, equity and inclusion into everything it does by focusing on people, programs, projects, policies and partnerships that lead to reliable, accessible and balanced transportation choices for the diverse population in Orange County.

In 2023, through the Board Initiatives and CEO Action Plan, OCTA is strengthening its commitment to diverse and disadvantaged communities by ensuring strategies are integrated with OCTA projects, studies and marketing materials; enhancing engagement with OCTA’s Diverse Community Leaders Group; providing training to employees; and communicating DEI efforts to the public, OCTA Board members and executive leaders.

In addition, OCTA has a diverse workforce. More than 70% of its workforce is composed of diverse groups, and 44% of the executive team is comprised of women. Orange County is a vibrant mix of different groups and the OCTA workforce reflects that diversity.

Learn more about OCTA’s diversity efforts here.