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Hennessey Reappointed to OCTA Board of Directors as Public Member

Orange County businessman and longtime transportation advocate Michael Hennessey has been reappointed to serve as one of two public members on the OCTA Board of Directors.

Hennessey, a resident of Orange, has served on the OCTA board since 2011 and previously served as the board chairman in 2017. His new term will run through 2027.

“I am grateful for the trust my fellow board members put in me to represent the people of Orange County and to continue to improve the quality of life for residents, employees and visitors by enhancing our transportation system,” Hennessey said. “We are committed to innovation, collaboration and continuing to deliver on the promises of OCTA’s Measure M.”

Hennessey will continue to work with the board to help guide transportation policy and programs for a balanced and sustainable transportation future for Orange County’s 3.2 million residents. Those decisions are guided by Measure M, also known as OC Go, the half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements approved by voters in 1990 and reapproved in 2006.

The OCTA board is composed of all five Orange County supervisors, 10 elected city council members representing all regions of the county, and two members of the public, as well as a non-voting member representing Caltrans. Business and community leader Tam Nguyen is the other public member on the OCTA Board. Public members serve a four-year term and are eligible to seek re-selection for additional terms.