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Heartfelt Messages Highlight Benefits of Service Animal Training Program

OCTA offers one of the only programs in the country that pairs service animals and their trainers with experience riding public transportation. The most recent event attracted more than 200 participants.

Representatives from two organizations contacted OCTA to express their appreciation.

From Guide Dogs for the Blind:

“Thank you again so much for hosting another amazing OCTA Service Animal Training Day. We at Guide Dogs for the Blind truly appreciate this opportunity for our guide dog puppies to practice riding public transportation. Socializing our dogs to ride calmly and comfortably on buses is a necessary step in preparing them for their role as guide dogs as most of our clients who are visually impaired rely heavily on public transportation. OCTA plays an instrumental role in giving our pups this important experience.”

From Go Team Therapy, Crisis, and Airport Dogs:

Thank you for all that you do. No one has been able to match this training. You are the envy of all our training in the USA. Everyone wants to train the first full weekend in April and October. This year we had teams from Northern California, Colorado, Arizona and Southern California.

The next Service Animal Training Day will be conducted in April 2023.