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Final Bridge Opens as Part of I-405 Improvement Project

Newland Street Bridge, the 18th and final bridge to be reconstructed as a part of the I-405 Improvement Project, opened to traffic September 23. Two other bridges,  Springdale Street and Ward Street, welcomed drivers on September 21.

This represents a major milestone for OCTA. Since 2018, OCTA and its partners have replaced and improved 18 bridges along the 16-mile corridor between Costa Mesa and the LA County line.

The bridges are a mix of construction types, including cast-in-place and precast girder. About a third were built in two stages, while others were built in one stage through collaboration with cities.

While the bridges were constructed to enhance the movement of traffic along the entire corridor, they also contribute to the mobility of individual communities. Many have new sidewalks and bike lanes to encourage local active transportation. In addition, decorative designs and soundwalls were customized by location.

OCTA broke ground on the I-405 Improvement Project in 2018 to improve travel times along one of the busiest highways in the nation and accommodate an expected growth in employment, population and housing throughout the region. The Project adds one regular lane in each direction of I-405 and constructs the 405 Express Lanes. Construction is anticipated to be complete by late 2023 and the 405 Express Lanes will open late 2023.