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Employee Resource Groups Offer Support & Balance for Women

Two employee-led groups champion women during Women’s History Month in March and throughout the year.

The OCTA Women’s Affinity Group supports female employees and their allies by promoting career advancement, providing social and networking opportunities around common interests, and helping to build community and belonging.

Also led by employees, the OCTA Working Parent Resource Group is dedicated to supporting working parents to promote camaraderie, share ideas and provide resources and tips on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Many OCTA employees have or once have had to balance their careers and take care of their families simultaneously. In June 2023, many of them made their voices heard through an employee resource group (ERG) poll: they wanted additional support in balancing the demands of their work and home lives through an ERG focused on working parents.

Both groups meet quarterly and welcome participation by all employees in accordance with OCTA’s 2024 Board and CEO initiative to sustain organizational excellence, collaboration and diversity.