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COO Shares OCTA’s Path to Equity

OCTA embeds diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into everything it does, integrating strategies and practices into internal and external efforts and communications as part of the OCTA Board of Directors 2023 Initiatives.

Chief Operating Officer Johnny Dunning Jr. recently shared OCTA’s road to equity at Equity and the Future of Mobility, a colloquium hosted by the University of Transportation Studies at UCI.

He explained that OCTA is learning through experience, implementing transportation planning with an eye toward equity with a growing focus on ensuring that equitable projects and services are provided to serve an increasingly diverse Orange County. OCTA is weaving DEI into its organizational fabric, emphasizing actions over buzzwords and defining diversity to best serve the needs of the community.

In addition, OCTA emphasizes community engagement to include stakeholders and the public as part of the decision-making process. During 2023, OCTA participated in 164 community events, cultural festivals, and other activities to inform diverse community members and other under-served populations about OCTA. This represents a 39 percent increase over last year.

For more information about OCTA’s DEI journey, click here.