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Chargers for OCTA’s Battery-Electric Buses Sought

As part of its ongoing efforts to convert to a zero-emission bus fleet, OCTA approved the release of invitation for bids for chargers to support the agency’s 40-foot plug-in battery-electric buses.

Last year, OCTA approved the purchase of 10 battery-electric buses. Two of the buses are set to arrive as early as August.

To charge the buses, OCTA is working with Southern California Edison to provide electrical infrastructure at the Garden Grove bus base. To supplement this infrastructure, OCTA will need 10 battery chargers.

The chargers will provide power to 10 charging stations and will allow each bus to be intelligently charged in a way that is adjusted according to the power and logistical needs of each bus.

The project is funded through the state’s Low Carbon Transit Operations Program.

Together with 10 hydrogen fuel-cell electric buses, the plug-in battery-electric buses are part of a pilot program that will help OCTA determine which technology – or mix of technologies – will work best for Orange County.

The effort aligns with California’s Innovative Clean Transit Rule, a first-of-its kind regulation in the U.S. that sets a goal for public transit agencies to gradually transition to 100 percent zero-emission bus fleets by 2040. The Innovative Clean Transit Rule is part of the state’s comprehensive program helping to achieve California’s air quality and climate goals.