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CEO Discusses OCTA’s Transportation Solutions at Regional Forum

Earlier this month, the California Association of Councils of Governments (CALCOG) hosted its 2023 Regional Leadership Forum in person for the first time in three years. The theme of this year’s forum was State of Change and how regional agencies play a unique role in adapting to California’s challenges. OCTA CEO Darrell Johnson participated in a panel discussion during which he highlighted how OCTA is addressing changing state and federal policies while continuing to deliver transportation solutions in Orange County. He noted that OCTA has worked hard to make Orange County freeways as efficient as possible, but the era of highway expansion is coming to an end. Due to a shortage of land and changing state and federal policies, OCTA is investing in different tools to keep the county moving.

To move people efficiently, OCTA is looking at Express Lanes as one way to help manage growing congestion, coupled with continued investment in commuter rail, light rail, buses and active transportation.

Later this year, OCTA will open the 405 Express Lanes to help move more traffic through the region, improve travel times and provide a more reliable commute. Scheduled to open in 2024, OC Streetcar will provide an additional affordable and zero-emission transit option for residents and commuters in the heart of Orange County. To find the right transit fit for the diverse travel needs of Orange County, OCTA is experimenting with on-demand transit through OC Flex, as well as community circulators and seasonal shuttles.