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Carpool Lanes to Temporarily Close for 405 Express Lanes Testing

The new 14-mile 405 Express Lanes with electronic tolling will open later this year to ease congestion.

To prepare, the existing carpool lanes within the project limits will be closed to perform required testing of the new 405 Express Lanes system. 

• On Oct. 26, the northbound I-405 carpool lane will close at SR-73.
• On Nov. 2, the carpool lanes in both directions between SR-22 and I-405, and between I-605 and I-405 will also close. 

The lanes will be closed 24/7 for the duration of the testing. Drivers can expect significant delays throughout the area and are encouraged to use alternate routes if possible and allow for extra travel time.

Once testing is complete, the 405 Express Lanes will open to the public between SR-73 and the Orange County/LA County Line. A FasTrak transponder will be required for all vehicles to use the new 405 Express Lanes. With a switchable FasTrak transponder, vehicles with three or more are always free, two-person carpools are free off-peak, and solo drivers can choose to pay a toll. The new express lanes include two lanes in each direction and replace traditional carpool lanes. 

In addition to the 405 Express Lanes, the 405 Improvement Project – a centerpiece of OCTA’s Measure M – added one regular lane in each direction, improved interchanges, and rebuilt overpasses with new bike lanes and sidewalks.

For more information about the 405 Express Lanes, please visit here.