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Advancing the 405 Express Lanes

OCTA moved forward with preparations for the 405 Express Lanes, a new transportation alternative scheduled to open in late 2023, with the approval of an agreement with Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. to provide traffic and revenue analysis consulting services.

The 405 Express Lanes is being built as part of the I-405 Improvement Project that is making improvements to I-405 and surrounding streets between SR-73 and I-605. Once complete, the 405 Express Lanes will use congestion management pricing, designed to ensure that drivers can travel the lanes at free-flow speeds. To accomplish this, OCTA will monitor traffic volumes and adjust tolls to maintain a steady flow of traffic.

Stantec Consulting Services will develop the initial toll rates for each segment of the 405 Express Lanes. In addition, the consultant will work with OCTA for nine months after the managed lanes open to monitor traffic, toll rates and travel times and identify necessary changes in toll rates or toll policy that may be needed to meet operating goals. The consultant will also develop a forecast of traffic volumes and toll revenues for the first 10 years after the express lanes open.

For more information on the I-405 Improvement Project, visit here.