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ACCESS Drivers Honored by OCTA Committee

The Accessible Transit Advisory Committee (ATAC) advises OCTA about issues that relate to OCTA fixed-route transit and paratransit services for customers with special transportation needs.

Recently, ATAC honored the hard-working drivers who serve those with special transportation needs with the ACCESS Driver Exceptional Service Awards. It was the first time the committee was able to honor the drivers since 2020.

The four drivers selected for their exceptional customer service, kindness and compassion included:

  • Jennifer Alvarez – OC ACCESS
  • Alden Redman – OC ACCESS
  • Joshua Macedo – Same-Day Taxi
  • Joe Minnich – Same-Day Taxi

“We’re  proud to have Alden and Jennifer as part of our team. Both truly care about OC ACCESS passengers and have a demonstrated history of excellent customer service,” said Nick Duron, OC ACCESS Operations Manager.

OC ACCESS, OCTA’s paratransit service, is a shared-ride service available to qualified applicants whose physical or cognitive limitations prevent them from using the regular OC Bus fixed-route service. Same-Day Taxi is one of the service options offered by OC ACCESS.