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405 Improvement Project Wins Golden Hub of Innovation Award

The Association of California Cities–Orange County (ACC-OC) recently selected OCTA’s I-405 Improvement Project as a Golden Hub of Innovation Award winner. The awards recognize and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of individuals, organizations, and initiatives that have significantly contributed to innovation and regional development.

Spanning 16 miles along one of the nation’s most congested freeways, this ambitious project transformed travel in Southern California. OCTA delivered this $2.2 billion project with a multifaceted approach, exceeding expectations and delivering benefits that touch the lives of countless commuters daily.

The 405 Improvement Project not only alleviates congestion and enhances safety but also pioneers travel options and exemplifies community-centered construction. As a flagship initiative under the Measure M local half-cent sales tax program – approved by Orange County voters – this project sets a benchmark in innovative planning, funding and implementation.