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$18.5 Million Available to Improve Orange County Water Quality

A new round of competitive funding totaling $18.5 million is available for projects aimed at improving overall water quality in Orange County.

The funding is available through OCTA’s Environmental Cleanup Program for projects that reduce the impacts of transportation-related water pollution by removing litter and debris before it reaches the ocean and other waterways. Cities and the county can propose projects through the program, which is funded by OC Go, Orange County’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements, also known as Measure M.

Approximately $3.5 million is available for Tier 1 projects, which focus on addressing the removal of visible trash and debris through the purchase or upgrade of screens, filters and inserts for catch basins. To date, $36 million has been awarded for 222 projects of this type.

An additional $15 million is available for Tier 2 projects, which aim to address non-visible forms of pollution, such as heavy metals, organic chemicals and sediment. To date, $28 million has been awarded for 22 of these projects.

Applications are due April 25 for Tier 1 projects and May 16 for Tier 2 projects.