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Honoring Transit Equity Every Day

Transit Equity Day on February 4 is the birthday of civil rights icon Rosa Parks, whose 1955 decision to keep her seat on the bus led to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that segregation on transit was unconstitutional. Every day, OCTA is committed to offering equitable, reliable and balanced transportation for all.

To commemorate her historic efforts to keep public transportation affordable and accessible to everyone, OCTA is providing free service on OC Bus fixed routes on Transit Equity Day, Sunday, Feb. 4. For more information and to view a timeline of transit equity milestones, click here.

To help all people access opportunities affordably, OCTA offers a number of programs. In 2022, OCTA became the first large transit agency in the region to offer free bus rides to all youth ages 6 to 18 on an ongoing basis. In addition, OCTA’s College Pass Program provides OC Bus passes to thousands of community college students who attend the nine community colleges in Orange County.